Hi! My name is Anna-Bet Stemmet. I am a writer and translator living in Malmesbury, South Africa with my husband Jacques and daughter Alexandra. When I’m not minding my Ps and Qs, I like to paint, potter around in the garden, read trashy novels and explore the Cape Winelands with my little family.


‘Skryfyster’ was originally supposed to be ‘skryfster’ (the female form of ‘writer’ in Afrikaans), but the inadvertent typo turned it into a pretty funny (sadly, untranslatable) hybrid word that lies somewhere between ‘writer’ and ‘iron’. Since it sounded suitably hardcore and conjured images of courageous battle dwarfs in combat, it was unceremoniously adopted as my business’ sigil.


Web content

Your website should serve to amplify your brand and give a voice to your business. I do SEO writing, website content, blog entries, social media content schedules and more.


Putting a visual idea on paper can be tricky, especially when it has to be conveyed in a technical script format. Let me help you make your vision a reality.


In order to keep the essence of the original piece, a good writer transcreates your content to convey your message clearly. I do so in both English and Afrikaans.


Radio is called the theatre of the mind for a reason. I'm ready to get your marketing message across in a clear, concise, memorable way.


Do you need an article, editorial or press release written for distribution to the media? Get in touch so we can talk target market, intention and tone of voice.


Not sure whether your content is hitting the mark or a little insecure about your syntax, spelling and grammar? Let me take a look and straighten it all out.



To see specific examples of my work, click on the suitable link below. Not finding what you’re looking for? Get in touch so I can share the portfolio pieces you require.

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