Guest blogging for Jan Hendrik

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Guest blogging for Jan Hendrik

Yes – that’s THE Jan Hendrik who recently did South Africa proud by being awarded a coveted Michelin star. I started working for JH two years ago when I helped him rework the content for his website, and since then we’ve collaborated on his latest recipe book, as well as weekly blogs.

So, what does that mean – collaboration on a written piece? In short: JH jots down the gist of what he wishes to convey and I dress it up to read nicely. The trick to this kind of ghost blogging is to keep your personal voice out of it. In the time JH and I have worked together I’ve determined his preferences and developed a standard ‘sound & feel’ for all of his work.

You can read the blogs here. Props to Inemari Rabie for the delicious design work on the site!


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